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Concrete Lullaby

Concrete Lullaby

They built a wooden green wall

around where you used to sit, and sleep I saw.

Moving your mouth to beg for change,

but no words would escape.


And all I could muster was one thought –

of where you all went.

Where’d you go now?


Now that the concrete ledge is covered and

no scraps of your presence remain.


The air so still.

No teeth chattering,

to break through the chill in the night.


The smoke-filled sky with no stars in sight.


It’s like they paved over your home,

or your idea of a peaceful paradise.


Now I think I know what Joni was singin' about.


They built up walls in your concrete jungle.

All rough and porous,

stale, and slate, and hard.


Where I’m sure you people-watched,

bloodshot eyeballs darting back and forth.


The search for stories of strangers to pass the time.

Drink, drink, drinking each one in. 


I wonder for a brief moment,

as I fly down a flight of damp subway stairs,

where you all went.


And where the sound of the coins in your cups

now pierces through the night,

in this city that never sleeps.


And I wonder

Are you sleeping tonight?

Are you?

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